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The reason for this is that the water will block off the flow in the pipe and prevent air from passing through. Thus, a 1-1/2″ trap arm (which must have a 1/4″ per ft slope) may be no less than 3″ in length, but no more than 5′. The blocked airway is what brings me to the purpose of a P-trap. No, its not to catch pee, its just that it is shaped roughly like a horizontal P. When you run the shower or sink, the water goes down the drain and in to the trap and then pushes around the bend and up to the trap weir and then to through the trap arm (the horizontal run of pipe exiting the P-trap up until it reaches the vent). This is sometimes called the fixture arm. The fixture arm serves as both a waste line and a vent line. A certain amount of water remains inside the trap, which prevents sewer gases from coming back up and entering the house. Having water block the trap is good. If water blocks the trap arm it can cause clogs. Clogs can lead to sewage backing up and overflowing.  If the trap arm goes down at more than a 45 degree angle prior to reaching the vent, it is called an S-trap (because it forms an S shape) and it can cause the water to be siphoned out of the trap which means sewer gases can make their way back up into the house.


As tensions build in the Korean Peninsula, a South Korean plays Starcraft There’s a lot going on in the Korean peninsula these days. Every day North Korea seems to be gearing up more and more for some weird modern war with their generally just kind of nice but eccentric neighbors. The Onteora Sewer had the privilege of interviewing a South Korean during this crisis. When asked about the impending war he looked up weary-eyed from his computer screen and said, “Yeah, the North Koreans are rough.” Turning back quickly, he took a big ol bite out of some greasy-ass pizza, pressed a few keys, and shouted, “Fuck the Terrans, Zergs for life bitch,” and won the hell out of a game of Starcraft. Enthralled with the skillful gamesmanship, our reporter continued watching, giving advice occasionally, but mainly basking in the heartfelt devotion that was a video game being played right. When Starcraft was finished, it was time for DotA, then World of Warcraft. It was a night of cheap food and sore backs. North Korea became the mother who tells you plumbing emergency to get off the computer, who you ignore with all the Gordontheplumber.com Wood Dale Illinois 60399 stoicism and majesty of a goddamn Blue Crane flying in the air, free as the fucking wind. When the sunlight began to creep up on the horizon, our reporter had long since fallen asleep, leaving the South Korean alone with his thoughts.


February 21st, 2018 by gtowsley Leave a reply » Online ads are an important part of plumbing marketing. They can help generate a lot of traffic in a short period of time, which in turn should help improve your conversion ratio. When it comes to running ads, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of them, right? After all, they do cost money to sustain, we would think you want to make sure you secure the best possible ROI . Which also means being visible. There are been a lot of talk about ad blockers lately, particularly on mobile devices. What instigated this onset of ad blockers? And how do we get around them? Ad blockers have increase in popularity over the last several years, as more and more users are viewing certain types of online ads as intrusive, obnoxious, and annoying. The problem with certain forms of ads, is that they block the content the user is trying to view, which in turn makes the user work harder for the content that they seek. This is what has led to so many internet users to employ the use of ad blockers.


Most escutcheons can be easily removed. For example, the shower arm escutcheon just slips over the shower arm and snugs against the wall. To remove that escutcheon, you would simply remove the shower head and slide old escutcheon off, replace with new escutcheon and reattach the shower head. Super easy! But what about those harder-to-reach escutcheons? Like the one kept in place by a shut off valve under your sink or behind the toilet? Don’t worry, it’s the same idea, just with a few more steps. Most often, if there’s a shut off valve in the way, you’ll need to remove the valve to get the escutcheon off. This is pretty easy, but takes a few minutes of planning. First, shut off water to your house and drain the water out of the lines (in other words, turn on a few faucets until they run dry).


Step 1: Select the pump that requires the least amount of maintenance and correct amount of horsepower (HP). A larger sump pit is required for a higher horsepower pump. A 1/3 HP sump pump […] Any time that you need to be sure that you are able to get high quality plumbing service, the Midwest Plumbing Pros are exactly what you are looking for. We are great at the services that we provide and would be more than happy to assist you in that regard. We service the Chicago area, including the neighborhoods of Hyde Park, Morgan Park, Beverly, Clearing, Gresham, Pullman, South Shore, Washington Heights and other area. If you need any sort of plumbing work that will be useful to you, reach out to our company for more help. What kinds of services do you provide? Any time that you need high quality service for utilities, it is important that you reach out to a professional company. We offer a large deal of services that you can take advantage of. Some of these services include dealing with plumbing clogs, clearing drains, dealing with floods, preventative maintenance plans, the insulation of pipe’s, installing plumbing appliances and more. Doing this will allow you to always keep tabs on your household and the level of plumbing work that you need.


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